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Our Story

A matter of taste

Salalo Amot was founded by Saher Latif, an amateur metalsmith and professional jewellery hoarder. She started her career in public sector communications, and the two most regular questions she fielded from female colleagues were “What eye pencil do you use?” and “Where did you get those earrings?”. The eye pencil question had a short answer.


The earrings usually came with some long story about the small goldsmith’s atelier she had hunted down in suburban Cairo, or the little handcrafted jewellery shop near her university in Florence, or the man selling silver Javanese jewellery from his table as he ate brunch in a Jakarta brasserie. Pretty soon, Saher was buying statement jewellery on her travels, not only for herself but also for friends, colleagues and family. Stints living away from her home base in Singapore – in Europe, the US, and Indonesia – also allowed Saher to gain in-depth knowledge about international jewellery arts and jewellery businesses beyond that gained on her holidays alone.


Saher decided to turn her passion for precious metals into a profession. Learning metalsmithing allowed her to truly understand the materials and the incredible skill required to turn metal and stones into stunning jewellery. This was followed by designing jewellery and establishing relationships with artisans around the world who shared her design aesthetic. This online boutique is the result.


Saher focuses on designing and sourcing jewellery that follows the aesthetic that she personally favours – statement pieces. She firmly believes that whether a piece of jewellery is large or small, it should make a statement. With attention to detail, a tiny pair of earrings can make as large a statement as a huge cocktail ring or bangle. Salalo Amot pieces are ones that can be worn season after season, and Saher particularly loves pieces that put a modern spin on heritage jewellery arts. Most Salalo Amot pieces are handcrafted with real gold, silver, and gemstones, and are produced by artisans around the world, before being shipped out of our studio in Singapore.


Welcome to our store! Have a look around and tell us what you think. We hope you find something you love. Drop us a note if you’d like us to help you source a special piece for a loved one, bridal party gifts, or something well-deserved for yourself. Or even if you just want to know which eye pencil Saher recommends.

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