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Salalo Amot Goes Live: A New Venture Based on Personal Taste

Hello! I'm Saher and I would like to welcome you to Salalo Amot! As we launch this new business, I thought it might be a good idea to introduce myself and the genesis of this boutique. You may see a lot of mention of the word "taste" on this website, and that's because this business was founded on the basis of me designing and sourcing jewellery that I love and putting it out into the world. That's what "Amot" means -- a matter of taste.

My personal aesthetic veers toward statement pieces; I don't mean loud and showy, but pieces that have an element that makes them stand out. A tiny pair of earrings with a unique metal finishing or with gemstones in a colour combination I haven't seen before hold as much appeal to me as a large cocktail ring covered in meticulously hand-crafted silver flowers. I have been adamant from the beginning of this journey that I will only release collections that I personally love. And while everything you see here is to my personal taste, I am confident that you too will find something you love.

I want to thank every person -- strangers and friends -- who, over the years, has taken the time to compliment me on my taste in jewellery and accessories. Every single one of you has given me the confidence to pursue a totally new direction in my life. And a big virtual lockdown hug and thank you to my best friend, without whose urging I would never have signed up for my first jewellery production class. She truly set me on this path.

And a big kiss and thank you to my mother, who is responsible for me developing an interest in jewellery from a very young age, and whose personal jewellery collection sourced from her extensive travels all around the world really deserves an Instagram account of its own. She has never been one to follow the crowd, and I still consider her my number one stylist.

A lot has gone into preparing to launch this business -- learning the fundamentals of jewellery design and production, and how to work with producers, as well as giving myself a crash course in e-commerce and the jewellery business. It has been slow going at times, as this was also the period in which my family and I moved countries again -- this time back to Singapore. By the time I found myself in a position to launch, we were well into a global pandemic and Singapore had entered a circuit breaker phase. So much of what we once took for granted was no longer available. We waited weeks for our packaging materials to arrive; there are no professional models in my household; and there will be no launch event as we all wait this out in our homes. All the prep for this launch was also done in the midst of home schooling young children. While this was all stressful at times, the blessing was access to my husband's years of experience building digital businesses and his photography skills.

Production is currently underway on our debut in-house designed collection, which will be released later this year. We're really excited about that! In the meantime, take a look around and do keep checking back (or, better yet, subscribe to our emails in the footer below). We have some more beautiful pieces arriving soon. Tell your friends about us, and do follow us on Instagram, where we will be sharing updates on the latest collections, jewellery styling tips, and trend and industry insights.

Again, welcome to Salalo Amot! Thanks for taking the time to check us out. I hope you find something you love.

Don't forget the importance of compliments. Sometimes we note that somebody looks amazing, and the thought stays in our minds. Stranger or friend, let the compliment out into the world... you never know where it might lead.

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