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The Phase 2 Earring Edit

Lockdown, circuit breaker, quarantine... fashion breakdown. Whatever you want to call it, It's been a bit too easy to live in sweats all day. Even when I do step out of the house, half my face is covered in a mask. My poor lipsticks have literally not seen the light of day.

But earrings! Earrings are glorious. A big blinging pair of earrings to brighten up a Zoom call (and pretend I've been living the #lockdown #luxlife even though I'm still in my PJ bottoms). I've even been known to air out my earrings on walks to the supermarket - no mask will obscure those.

Now that Singapore is finally opening, up here's a selection of earrings to get you through Phase 2 zoom calls and masked outings. Stay safe!!!

No need to zoom in

Understated #lockdownlux

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